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5 Simple Action Steps for Effortless Weight Loss

Contributor: Shauna Collins

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1. Eat protein-centric breakfasts

Ditch the bagel and pour out the juice! Have a protein-centric breakfast instead!

Eating protein produces a hormonal response that results in decreased appetite and increased satiety, both which will help you put the fork down sooner. Additionally, our bodies expend more energy digesting protein than it does when digesting carbohydrates and fat. This means, eating protein-centric meals increases thermogenesis (metabolism) and burns more calories. Collectively, these factors contribute to greater weight loss when we modify the composition of our meals to be more protein-centric rather than eating high-carb or high-fat meals.

2. Cut 100 calories from every meal.

Come on! You don’t really need the 2nd slice of bread in that sandwich! It doesn’t add any additional flavor – does it? No. It serves a functional purpose only (it helps hold in all the stuff). But at what cost?

Tossing that 2nd slice of bread or tortilla, switching to low-fat sandwich spread, and salad dressings, or swapping your full-calorie drink for a low or no-calorie option, could easily spare you at least 100 calories per meal. This single act could produce a 30+ pound weight loss in one year (3500 calories = 1 pound)!

Such a small sacrifice for a huge return!

3. Eat fiber rich foods and consider taking a fiber supplement each day.

Not only does taking fiber regularly contribute to intestinal health and reduce the risk of cancer, but it also lowers cholesterol and leads to weight loss over time. The immediate effect of taking fiber is a sense of fullness that affects our appetite-regulating hormones in a positive way resulting in appetite reduction. Additionally, when we eat fibrous food and take fiber supplements, we tend to eat less throughout the day simply due to the volume the fiber takes up in our gut. If your meals are protein-centric, getting enough fiber is very important to help avoid constipation. Always be sure to take your fiber supplement with plenty of water.

4. Move that body!

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Be active to some degree every day! You don’t need a gym membership to accomplish this! Climb, walk, and stand as much as you can throughout the day.Take the stairs every chance you get. Abandon your search for the closest parking spaces. Instead, park as far away from your target destination as time permits. Don’t sit at your desk all day, but rather stand and work as much as you are able. Take a walk after eating during your lunch break at work and in the evening after dinner. Whether or not you’re burning a lot of calories, you’re reinforcing healthy habits which will have a positive effect on your behavior in other areas.

In addition to these simple lifestyle-enhancement measures, carve out time for ‘official’ exercise.

Exercise doesn’t have to be grueling! Make it fun! Join a sports team, go hiking or biking, or take up swimming, or keep it simple and stream an exercise class right into your living room each morning. Take the clothes off your stationary bike and hang them in the closet where they belong. Dust it off and cycle while watching your favorite show instead of sitting on the couch. The options are endless!

5. Set a cut off time for eating in the evening

To avoid mindless munching in front of the TV or the computer in the evening, set a cut off time for eating. Brushing your teeth after dinner will help psychologically reinforce the message that you’re done eating for the day. If you do decide to partake of a late night snack however, keep it light! Try an apple or a yogurt, or maybe a handful of nuts.

This one positive act may spare night time eaters hundreds of calories!

Adopt the simple practices above and start losing weight today! Be sure to check in next week to learn health tips that improve SEX!
Best of health to you!

About Dr. Shauna Collins


Formerly obese and maintaining a 50-pound weight loss, Dr. Collins specializes in obesity treatment/weight loss in West Hills, CA, and is the author of the best-selling book “No More Dieting!” She also enjoys public speaking and consulting and has been widely recognized in the media for her life accomplishments.

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