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Alicia Keys' No-Makeup Look Is Fabulous On 4 Different Elle Magazine Covers

Alicia Keys has gone makeup-less for a little while now, and shows no signs of going back to the daily cosmetics grind.

The R&B singer says that she got wrapped up in a beauty rat race of sorts: no matter what, she never felt pretty enough. It wasn’t until she saw the results of her first makeup-free professional photoshoot that she felt empowered by her natural look.

Now Elle magazine, known for its glamorous colors, has snapped a series of bare photos of Keys for its Brasil magazine.

And they looked so amazing, she got four separate covers as a result.


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Keys is rocking little to no cosmetics on her face, highlighting her natural beauty...


A post shared by ELLE Brasil (@ellebrasil) on well as her unique sense of style.


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Keys wrote about her decision to cut her dependence on cosmetics in her “Time to Uncover” piece on Lenny Letter.

The constant stereotyping through every medium that makes us feel like being a normal size is not normal, and heaven forbid if you're plus-size. Or the constant message that being sexy means being naked.

All of it is so frustrating and so freakin' impossible.

I realized that during this process, I wrote a lot of songs about masks filled with metaphors about hiding.

I needed these songs because I was really feeling those insecurities.

I was finally uncovering just how much I censored myself, and it scared me. Who was I anyway? Did I even know HOW to be brutally honest anymore? Who I wanted to be?


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Keys looks more comfortable in her skin now than ever before, and the fact that she’s celebrating that on the cover of a major magazine will hopefully let a lot of young girls know that they’re perfectly fine just the way they are.

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